Sunday, March 29, 2009

T1W8- Silent Reading

Silent reading is very important to me, because as I read a book, there will be interesting sentences for me to learn and to use them in my composition. Even my Synthesis & Transformation and Comprehension Open-Ended can improve on it.

Silent reading happens... EVERYDAY. Why do the school choose Silent Reading and not Reading Aloud? Because Reading Aloud would create noises all around.

I like to read, especially Silent Reading. I can read on my own, without telling others about my book's content. I like to read Comic Books and Story Books. Comic Books have illustrated pictures for me to understand the story better and is funny. Some of the Story Books have pictures and some don't. Those that have pictures and no pictures are both my favourites.

According to the first paragraph, reading will improve my studies. Science books will improve on my Science. Maths on Maths, English on English and Chinese on Chinese.

I have a book to recommend and hope that it will arrive soon: Geronimo Stilton Book #37: The Race Across America. I don't know why, but this book takes too much time to be published. St. Patrick's Day is over, right? But, why does that book not published yet?

That's all!

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