Sunday, April 19, 2009

T2W5- Earth Day

Imagine the Earth is dying... If the Earth dies, will there still be us? But, will the Earth die? Of course... not(!) if we start saving the Earth.

We can start saving the Earth by: Not Polluting The Environment. This sounds easy, isn't it? Pick up litter we all see on the floor and throw it away... BUT(!) who actually do such a thing? We can start doing this act and be grateful to Earth.

Deforestation... is bad! Of course! You know, when we cut trees, smoke comes out and carbon dioxide increases. Next, when (carbon dioxide is warm, that's a fact!) carbon dioxide pile up, the iceberg at the Polar Areas will melt --> water will increase --> thus, flooding a country or city. So, a small act could lead to a very big problem. However, if people don't cut trees, they will not be able to make paper for us. So, we can save paper by using both sides. And, try to reuse paper over and over again. And, reforestation is the best way to control GLOBAL WARMING.

So, all and all again, Earth Day has come up. By saving the earth is what it means to reforest. So, we can commemorate the Earth by participating the Earth Day! Recycle means to change that item into something we will use by machines, I think. Reuse is double-usage or triple-usage or more! Like the paper, when we fold into a paper crane, when we want to write something, we unfold that paper crane and write on it. Something like that!

So I really hope that all of you could do a part in saving the Earth. Thank you!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

T2W3- Improving the School

If the school is improved, then it will be:


Yes, it really is good news, because our class has no air-con, only fans (referring to the object that spins and creates wind for us, not the people).

I like places like the computer lab (because of the cleanliness and cold air that fills up the whole area), the science lab (because of the scientific materials and the... clean environment too!) and the classrooms (a place to study!).

I dislike places like some of the staircases (because sometimes, I could see cockroaches and I fear them, especially when they are flying!), the... I think I only hate the few staircases.
Last time, when I was in Indonesia, our classes are filled with... Guess what? No fans, but air-cons. That's the aspect I like at my Indonesian School. Of course, that applies to all my experience.
The classrooms, staircases and... nothing else should be improved. Classrooms that installed fans should install air-cons. And staircases, P5s and P6s's classrooms can be as high as 3 and 4 floors above the ground respectively. So, if the school can afford the money to install lifts, then that would be good.
It is good if the school can install all this now... but, do they have the money? I don't think so... So that's why, the school recently organise the Air-Con Rasing Fund programme and Car Rally programme. I contributed a lot of money, up till $200, perhaps!
So, the school will still continue to do these programmes, until one day, the school is rich, with all the new-comers (new falicities, like air-cons and lifts). But at that time, I think I'm not in this school anymore...
That's... ...all? Yes! That's all!!

T2W2- Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating is important. Why? Because...
  • To get healthy!
  • To ensure your body won't get sick!

That's the lot.

I like to eat healthy things, like fruits and vegetables. Fruits I like are: grapes, oranges, bananas, pineapples, papayas, etc. That's all for fruits, only! Vegetables I like are: lettuces, cauliflowers and a few more.

They are delicious. I prefer eating fruits without putting anything else and prefer eating vegetables with something! That "something" is... What do you think?

I also like French fries, yup, the fries that is originated in France. However, are they healthy? If they are, then everyone will not get fat already... .... So, Ans: NO!!! Very easy!

Why? First of all, it uis fried, next it is added with SALT. Salt, you know that, it is unhealthy!

In Anderson, yeah, Anderson Primary School, we have a campaign called "Fruity Veggies... "Something" ". I don't know the last word: that's the problem now.

I guess, that's all!