Sunday, March 22, 2009

T1W7-Activities Outside School

Activities outside school? Yes, I have one. However, do "outside school" counted as "at home". Of course...Yes!!

At home, at no fixed time, I have violin tuition. According to the previous sentence (no fixed time) tells me that there is no fixed time! It can be anytime, perhaps Thursday or Friday. But, usually, it is on Thursday. Usually about 5pm to evening. This activity will take 45 minutes.

My violin tuition consists of Theory or Practical. I had taken the Grade 2 Theory Exam and guess what? I got a high distinction. 97 marks out of 100... of course! How can it be 97 out of 200? And my latesr Grade 4 Theory Exam was held on 14 March 2009, yes, just passed by 9 days. My teacher told me that the papers are sent to England. And, the results are noted down in the Internet. Very complicated!!

These exams are important... in many ways. However, I included one only: At secondary school, a programme called Music Elective Programme will appear. I wanted to join the Music Elective Programme, so I have to pass the Grade 4 Theory Exam and my oncoming Grade 3 Practical Exam this year before it is too late.

I enjoyed this tuition a lot and my teacher will revise the Exam Pieces I will be playing in July. Maybe in July.

That's all!

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