Sunday, July 19, 2009

Term2 Week9 - Influenza A H1N1

To: Goldwin (in the CyberSpace)
From: Goldwin (on the Earth)

Good morning, Goldwin!

Influenza A H1N1 is a very long name for H1N1 and the most scientific term. H1N1 is a dangerous virus infected by... people? I don't know how it os spread, but I know it is a very dangerous virus infections.

甲流感 (jia[3]liu[2]gan[3]), what is it? 甲means A. Yes, Influenza A's A! 流感can be referred to 'virus infection of H1N1'.

The most saddening thing, that the virus has taken away so many lives. If we still let them get away scot-free, it will continue to spread and spread and spread and... spread! And kill more people. Murderers like them are frightening!

As far as I know, temperate countries in Northern and Northeastern Asia like in Japan and China, have H1N1 infections going on! Do you get what I mean? Japan and China are in Asia, which means it could spread to the Southeastern Asian Countries, which is... a fatal thing!

Oh yeah, Goldwin! I forgot to tell you something! Temperature taking! Do you know that? i hope you do! In the CyberSpace, do you often take temperature for perhaps twice a day? I hope you have it. Because of H1N1, we have to take temperature twice a day and the triggered temperature is 37.6 degrees... Celcius! Not Fahrenheit!! It could waste our time studying, waste the pen's ink, waste paper by writing on it, which could lead to... more deforestation!

What should we do? Of course you can't fight with H1N1, if not, you end up yourself letting H1N1 take your life away! However, you can take preventive measures for perhaps, like what I say... no, write just now, you can check your temperature each day by using your thermometer! Another way is, wash your hands before and after you eat. It's... oral hygiene! CyberSchool should teach you this!

Well, byebye and may we meet again! Bye Goldwin!


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